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Peoples' Friendship University Of Russia

Top Careers: Top Medical Institution of Russia People’s Friendship University

If you are an Indian candidate planning to study MBBS in Russia then Moscow is certainly the best place to be in. Established on 5th February 1960, People Friendship University has more than 20,000 alumni who completed their MD and are now working in every corner of the world as medical professionals. Naturally, being the capital of Russia with grand city, it has bunches of things to offer and the vast majority of them would be the best of Russia. So if you choose to pursue MBBS in Europe, Russia is a decent option. And if you choose Russia, Moscow would definitely be a great choice. If you prefer studying MBBS in People Friendship College, Russia which is “A” Graded by WHO in Moscow, you can definitely not ask for more! All the “A” graded colleges and Universities are available only in the top cities of Russia such as Moscow and St. Petersburg.

People Friendship University has more than 100,000 candidates with more than 15,000 international candidates from 140 different nations. In 1990, the college congratulated their 50,000th graduate (from all the diverse faculties/streams) and by 2015, around 7,000 doctors have been given their degrees! You can likewise study at this top medicinal University of Russia! In the event that you are a young lady, we propose you to pick larger urban areas of Russia like Moscow for the total security amid your medical studies. Inside Moscow city, there are 2 of the most well-known and the best colleges of Russia. One of them showing MBBS programs is People's Friendship University. Each Indian is 100% happy studying MBBS in People Friendship University.

Faculties Available

  • Agrarian faculty
  • Faculty of Humanitarian and social sciences
  • Engineering faculty
  • Faculty of the Russian language and general educational disciplines
  • Medical faculty
  • Faculty of Science
  • Philological faculty
  • Ecological faculty
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Law
  • Institute of Hospitality business and tourism
  • Institute of foreign languages
  • Institute of international programs
  • Institute of World economy and business
  • Institute of Medico-Biological Problem

Top Careers: Study MBBS in People’s Friendship University

Medical Faculty

The Medical faculty of PFUR has a first-class reputation both in Russia and abroad; its fame rests on the scientists working at the faculty and the graduates. Nowadays, more than 6400 professionals that have been educated at the Medical faculty are working in more than 110 countries of the world. Prominent scientists whose contribution to medical science is well-known, are lecturing and leading practical seminars at the faculty.

In numerous laboratories with up-to-date diagnostic and research equipment, students attempt penetrating into the mysteries of structure and functioning of the human body and learn how to diagnose diseases and apply innovative methods of treatment. The members of the Medical faculty are actively implementing innovative educational programs aimed at teaching new medical technologies to medical staff.

Functioning at the faculty are: the Students' scientific society that helps students become familiar with research from the beginning; the Young medical doctors' community; the Students' theatre «Hippocrates», the lecture centre where lectures in literature, music and history are presented. The pre-university education is provided at the «Medik» medical-biological school (preliminary courses). MBBS Admission in People’s Friendship University is very easy.

Today, the Medical faculty of PFUR is equipped with 14 novel clinical laboratories; in the training process, computer testing and TV broadcasting are used. For refinement in practical treatment, subdivisions of computer tomography, lever fiberscanning and andrology have been created.

Library & Research

The library has been working since PFUR foundation. In February 2008, the academic library was reformed into the Study and research information librarian centre to suit the aims of the innovation educational program. There is one more reading hall in the building of the faculty of Humanitarian and social sciences. Since last year there has been a separate library at the faculty of the Russian language and general educational disciplines. Books have been electronically catalogued since 1990, currently there are 4 databases containing more than 300,000 book titles. The on-line catalogue contains dissertations and abstracts, periodicals from 1986 till 2008, and since 2009- a new «Periodicals» module with broader user opportunities.

The fund consists of 1.800,000 books and is increasing every month. The fund is universal and contains all disciplines studied at PFUR. In 2010 the library is subscribed to 280 periodicals, 22- in foreign languages, 9 of them are available on-line. All on-line resources are available on any PFUR computer using an IP-address.