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Vinnitsa State Medical University

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Global Medical Foundation‘s annual seminar about MBBS in Ukraine was attended by 70+ people. Pradeep Jayaswal and Shobhit Jayaswal started the seminar by giving an introduction of Global Medical Foundation and the status of medical studies in Ukraine. The special guest of the day was Ms Natalia Horbenko who is the Vice Dean of Vinnitsa National Medical University. Also, current and passed out students who did their MBBS from Ukraine spoke with the students. The students who had already applied for the upcoming session for MBBS in Ukraine were presented with their admission letters. The points which were discussed in the seminar were:

Vinnitsa National Medical University was created in 1921. More than 500 teachers, including 90 doctors of science, professors, 340 candidates of Science currently work at the University.

The university has 5 hostels, 4 canteens, 7 buffets, a sports complex, a preventive health centre and sanitary-sports bases on the shores of the Black Sea and the Southern Bug river.

The cultural leisure of the students is varied: there are 36 amateur circles and studios (dancing, national instruments one, folklore ensemble, folk choir “Nadbuzhanka”, 28 sports circles). For more than 40 years, the National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnitsa has been training medical personnel from countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe (including Greece, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Middle East, France, Sweden, Canada etc.).

The university is furnished with modern educational, scientific and treatment- diagnostic equipment. The construction of the third new educational building is completed. At Vinnitsa National Medical University studies more than 5,500 students and doctors, practical students/ fieldworkers, among them more than 600 are foreign citizens. Educational rooms, the hostels and places of rest are reliably guarded by police at the University’s expense.